Large Sculptures

This winter I will be constructing a life size T-rex infront of my business out of scrap metal.  I've been collecting items for this for a little while now and when I have enough stuff to do it, it will be on.  I always collect everything I need for a project before I start.  That way when I get into the groove and have creation flowing from my tools and hands I can go with the flow and basically let it build itself.  I enjoy having the ability to create things from nothing and it also thrills me to see the enjoyment that others get from my work.  I have alomst everything I need to complete this project.  Here is a pic of the skull almost complete.

Below is a daddy-long leg to build for another customer that will stand about 8 feet tall.  They plan on using it for a trellas in their garden. The legs are going to be removable for transportation purposes.  Should be pretty neat when it's all done.


I think it turned out pretty darn neat...

Here is a life size cowboy for a customer to welcome their friends into the saloon. They took their horse stable and converted it into a party place but it's still able to be used as a stable.  It's gonna be pretty cool building this for them.